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Recruitment is not about ticking off competencies on a brief. It・s a consultative process which needs insight and intuition to find the right synergy between individuals, company cultures, personalities, skills and energy. The recruitment industry may rely on similar processes and functions, but our difference is in our attitude. We・re passionate about what we do. We・re driven to make a great match and enjoy the process of getting there.

It・s a challenge today to find and retain talented people V but this is our specialty. We have decades of experience in the business of people. We know what to look for, we know how to find it and we know how to fit together talent and workplaces.

We're dedicated to providing a valuable, solution-focused and personalized service that combines our 40-year legacy with our dynamic approach to the changes in the industry. We utilize our teamwork, insights and resourcefulness to generate successful matches between clients and candidates across Asia.

We undertake both local and regional recruitment assignments. Our geographic scope covers Hong Kong, Macau, China, Japan, India, Singapore and Taiwan.

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