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CTgoodjobs, a brand extension under Career Times Online Ltd., is a member of the Hong Kong Economic Times Group (Stock code: 423). We offer recruitment and employer branding solutions as well as the best UX interface and resources for recruiters and visitors. To cater for a diverse range of target audience, CTgoodjobs has strong social media presence with over 200,000 facebook fans.

CTgoodjobs為Career Times Online Ltd的延伸品牌,香港經濟日報集團的成員之一(股份代號:00423)。我們以優質的使用者界面及體驗,為僱主及求職者提供最有效的解決方案。為了配合不同目標群,CTgoodjobs著力發展各社交媒體平台,其中Facebook專頁的粉絲人數更超過200,000。

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Our office

CTgoodjobs is located at Unit 1110, Kodak House II, 321 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong.

Tel : +852 2156 2626
Email : ad@CTgoodjobs.hk

Our employees


I am Jeanie from the sales department. CTgoodjobs has let me gain a better understanding of different industries’ work and recruitment. Moreover, I can have excellent rapport with my clients and build up my network though my communications with them. With rapid market development in the digital era, recruitment advertisements will no longer be trapped in newspapers and websites, and social media will be another way to explore. CTgoodjobs offers me on-the-job training and allows me to show my talents. I can provide new recruitment solutions based on different situations and client needs, to achieve the best result.



I am Ava from the customer service team. Working at CTgoodjobs lets me enhance my communication skills and build up my network through contact with clients in different industries. Training provided by CTgoodjobs helps me to acquire product knowledge. This enables me to be more effective in solving clients’ problems with my deep understanding of the products. In addition, the company gives me a great deal of freedom and space to participate in different areas of work. From preparing reports to following up with a client's promotion plan, I have the chance to participate in different parts of work and learn from the process. Having good communication skills is not the only key to success. Through the process of working, I have come to know that being attentive to detail is also an important element for becoming a good customer service officer.



I am Pi from the IT department. At CTgoodjobs I can showcase my talents and use my knowledge of information technology to maintain the company's website. I have also faced many challenges in the workplace as I need to handle different tasks from small websites to big projects. Developing a website is not work that can be done just by myself. My colleagues and supervisor give me support and encouragement, and it motivates me to try my best. I am learning the importance of teamwork firsthand.



I am Jane from the editorial department. CTgoodjobs offers me the opportunity to meet with and interview senior management from all walks of life. This can broaden my horizons and build up my network. Also, the company gives great freedom to its employees. I can therefore conduct interviews with employees from different companies and listen to their stories. CTgoodjobs encourages me to put what I have learned into practice so I can take part in the whole production process. I can learn graphic design and editing techniques through working and it helps me to equip myself for the digital age.


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Working life

Recent Updates


Jumping Man 2018 (College competition)


Since 2014, recruitment portal CTgoodjobs has held the Jumping Man programe with different organisations, aiming to help youth prepare for their career. In 2018, CTgoodjobs, Cyberport and Ztore have joined to hold the Jumping Man 2018 competition. Participants are to use their creativity to design a business and marketing plan for the missions.

為協助大專生備戰職場,CTgoodjobs與士多及數碼港合辦「Jumping Man校園見習生2018」活動(下稱Jumping Man),邀請一眾大專生以組隊方式完成任務。
踏入第5個年頭,Jumping Man今年成功邀請士多及數碼港為合作伙伴,吸引到來自各大專院校的學生,勝出者更會獲得高達$2.5萬獎金及實習機會。




【CTgoodjobs #igotoworkbybus】http://bit.ly/2AFKxLJ

HR Congress 2017 - Knowing, Getting and Keeping Talent New Thinking for New Challenges


Recruitment portal CTgoodjobs was excited to hold the 6th HR Congress "HR Congress 2017" on 12 Oct in order to learn more about positions and perspectives on attracting talent and talent loss management in each enterprise. "Knowing, Getting and Keeping Talent. New Thinking for New Challenges" was the main theme of the congress. It welcomed 15 honourable guests of different disciplines, professional qualifications and organisations to share their ideas in the event. The HR congress had a full house for both morning and afternoon sessions. Nearly a thousand HR professionals gathered to participate.

Mr. Arthur Shek Kang Chuen, the Executive Director of HKET holdings Ltd, Associate Publisher and Head of Research, delivered an opening speech to open the HR congress.

為進一步了解企業在處理人才缺失以及吸引外地專才的立場和意見,求職招聘網站CTgoodjobs於10月12日隆重舉辦第6屆人力資源會議《HR Congress 2017》。大會主題為「識才、取才、留才 新挑戰.新思維」,並邀得15位來自不同行業、不同專業資格協會及機構的星級講者到場分享。會議分上下午兩場,全場爆滿,匯聚近千名專業人力資源管理從業員到場參與,由香港經濟日報集團執行董事、《香港經濟日報》副社長兼研究部主管石鏡泉(石Sir)致演講辭,為會議揭開序幕。


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