When to use a high impact approach?

Cover Letter

When to use a high impact approach?

The objective of any cover letter is to gain attention and persuade the reader to offer you an interview.

Most job search situations benefit from a traditional, well-thought-out and tightly constructed letter, which follows normal business correspondence standards and norms.

However, in some situations you may want to consider a more innovative approach, using techniques and styles that really stand out from the crowd.

When to use a high impact approach:

A high impact cover letter can help you get noticed, but it can also speed up your application's transit into the bin! There is always a risk that the recruiter will not like the style. The more innovative your letter, the higher the risk of rejection.

To minimise this risk:

1. Find out who will be screening your letter. An HR manager may respond more positively to a traditional approach. On the other hand, an artistic director may appreciate a more creative style.

2. Only use appropriate high impact tools, which clearly demonstrate the skills or attributes relevant to the job. For example:

  • A business analyst might include a quote from a relevant business partner of the company to which he is applying. In this way, he demonstrates his ability to scan the business environment for suitable information.
  • A graphic designer might include graphics.
  • A sales representative might present his letter in the style of a sales proposal.
  • A writer or publisher might include quotes, sections of prose or short extracts from his work.
  • An advertising executive might present his application in the style of an advertisement concept storyboard.
  • An accountant might structure his cover letter to include bullet points and headings, demonstrating his ability to present information clearly.

3. If you are not sure if a high impact approach is appropriate, don't take a risk. Focus on a well-constructed traditional letter, which will always create a good impression.

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